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Industrial Heavy Duty Linear Actuator
FIRGELLI® Industrial Heavy Duty Linear Actuator In Stock
  • Force 2200 lb's
  • Stroke 10–35 Inches
From $465.00USD
Power Max Heavy Duty Actuators held in hand for scale
Power Max Heavy Duty Actuators - 900 to 1500lbs Force In Stock
  • Force 900–1500 lb's
  • Stroke 6–40 Inches
From $309.99USD

industrial actuator

Introducing our Industrial line of Actuators perfect for applications that require high force

Pushing and pulling up to 2200 lb's, these actuators are ideal for industrial applications. Made from tough hardened steel allowing our actuators to support any application. The FIRGELLI® Heavy Duty Linear Actuator is one of the most rugged actuators you can find on the market today.

diy solar panal with linear actuator

Classic vs Industrial Actuators

There is a big difference between our classic linear actuators and our industrial ones, and that is the huge force increase that our industrial actuators gain. Applications which require lifting of multiple tons simply cannot be done with your standard linear actuator. This is why Firgelli introduced its Industrial line to allow pushing/pulling with actuators which simply couldnt be done before.

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