Jeep XJ Interior Mods (Review & Buying Guide)

Jeep XJ Interior Mods (Review & Buying Guide)

Jeep enthusiasts absolutely love to drive vintage Jeep models.
Jeep enthusiasts absolutely love to drive vintage Jeep models.

Buying the Best Jeep XJ Interior Mods & More

The Jeep brand is beloved across the United States and even around the globe. Their most recognizable vehicles are the Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and Cherokee. So much so, some customers want vintage versions of these models. For instance, customers search high and low to get in a Jeep Cherokee XJ. Then, they want to enhance and customize their Jeep XJ with the best Jeep XJ interior mods. Luckily for you, we have put together a list of the best options available.

The Jeep XJ Cherokee was produced between the years of 1983 and 2001. Between these years, it managed to sell an astounding 3 million units. All of these vehicles sold means that there are plenty of drivers riding around in a used Jeep XJ. Also, according to Forbes, there has been a growth in used car sales across the globe. Therefore, plenty of customers want to get their hands on modifications for their Jeep XJ. However, finding the best choice is not always easy.

Here at Ultimate Rides, we aim to make things easy for all customers. This includes offering our premier lifting services to anyone that wants a lifted vehicle. But, we also want to help customers get great deals on great products. Use our buyers guide below to get the best Jeep XJ interior mods.

Omix-ADA 18031.11 Steering Wheel, Sports Leather Black 1 Pack (ASIN – B073RS9X1F)

There are plenty of great Jeep XJ interior mods available on the market. Therefore, customers should look to a product that they specifically love. For instance, any driver looking to upgrade their steering wheel will love this product. First and foremost, the Omix-Ada provides a 5-year warranty for customers that have any potential problems. That way, you can get any problems fixed with relative ease.

Luckily for customers, there will likely be no problem. Due to the direct fit measurements, it is going to surely fit right into position (see specs). This product is built in OE style, which stands for Original Equipment. Thus, this steering wheel is going to come with the same specifications as the steering wheels produced by Jeep. The black leather material offers a firm grip and supreme style. Look no further for one of the more stylish Jeep XJ interior mods available.

Omix-ADA 18031.11 Steering Wheel, Sport, Leather, Black, Jeep XJ/YJ, 1 Pack

Rugged Ridge All-Terrain 12920.25 Black Front Row Floor Liner For 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Models (ASIN – B0046B3VWI)

Are you tired of tracking mud, dirt, and snow all into your vehicle? Get these Rugged Ridge All-Terrain floor liners and protect your carpet from dirt and more. Every single Rugged Ridge product is built to match the measurements of specific vehicles (see specs). Thus, customers are guaranteed that this floor line set will fit snug into their Jeep XJ vehicle. So if you are trying to get a guaranteed lock on Jeep XJ interior mods, check out this upgrade!

These floor liners offer premier protection from the daily wear and tear of life. Thus, customers no longer have to worry about if mud is ruining their carpet. Furthermore, it is a great product for anyone that has pets. The raised edge helps contain any spills from the driver and passenger. That way, soda, and other drinks stay in the floor liner and does not leak out. Also, customers can choose from multiple colors not just black! Get yourself one of the best Jeep XJ interior mods today!

Rugged Ridge All-Terrain 12920.25 Black Front Row Floor Liner For 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Models

DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Jeep Cherokee – Premium Carpet, Cinder (ASIN – B0048F5TIG)

Do you want to change up the appearance of your dashboard? Want a more stylish look out for the dashboard in your Jeep XJ Cherokee? If your answer is yes, then this is one of the best Jeep XJ interior mods for you! The soft foss fiber carpet will not fray or unravel (see specs). Thus, customers enjoy a long-lasting original dashboard cover. This will help provide more style and also has some practical features as well.

The colorfast non-shrink heat and the UV resistant material is great for drivers that park in the sun. Thus, this product will not suffer from the heat. There are pre-cut sensor opening and vent openings. Plus, these dashboards are built specifically for each model. The hook and loop fasteners included offering a very simple installation process. Therefore, you do not have to be a mechanic to set up this product. Customers that want to upgrade this product need this Jeep XJ interior upgrade.

DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Jeep Cherokee/Comanche (Premium Carpet, Cinder)

OneTigris Car Seat Back Organizer, Tactical MOLLE Vehicle Panel Car Seat Cover Protector (ASIN – B06XT8PQ23)

Customers that want protection and organization will want this interior modification for Jeep XJ Cherokee. First and foremost, the 1000D nylon is built to resist all of the wear and tear of daily life. Thus, it is perfect for families with young children that may scratch or try to rip things. Also, it is great for children that may potentially spill drinks out of their kid’s seat on the road. The material is built to protect the back of your driver and passenger seats from all kinds of stain.

A quick set up process lets customers install this product with a few minutes. There are two straps that can easily adjust to fit around the headrest. The other connection point is the bottom between the seat back and base. As a result, customers enjoy a stress-free installation process. The 9 rows of Molle straps offer extra useful pouches for anything parents need. There is even some space for medical equipment like first aid items! This is one of the Jeep XJ interior mods best for anyone that wants organization.

OneTigris Car Seat Back Organizer, Tactical MOLLE Vehicle Panel Car Seat Cover Protector Universal Fit (Black)

Kurgo CoPilot Car Seat Cover for Bucket Seats (ASIN – B002FYQ436)

Pet owners know how difficult it is to keep their pets clean. Especially if you own a dog that loves to play outside! Therefore, any pet owner that likes driving with their dog knows how messy their interior gets over time. So it is a wise idea to get this Kurgo CoPilot Seat Cover to ward off the dirt and hair that comes from your furry friend. After all, the best Jeep XJ interior mods all provide some practical effect. Upgrade your interior and protect the factory car seats as well!

The pipes panels help prevent dirt and water from rolling down the seat and onto the carpet. These auto seats cover slide right onto the front passenger seat and fit snug. Thus, drivers do not have to worry about it potentially sliding or moving off. After all, dogs are not known for standing still while on a car ride. The waterproof and stain resistant universal car seat cover are built to last as well (see specs). Plus, the machine-washable fabric is very convenient and can be thrown into the washing machine. Get the best Jeep XJ interior mods for your lifestyle.

Kurgo CoPilot Bucket Seat Cover for Dogs —Waterproof, Stain Resistant & Machine Washable

VMS Racing Threaded 5-Speed Red Round Billet Aluminum Shift Knob for Jeep Cherokee XJ (ASIN – B00WXO5452)

Customers that want to upgrade their factory shift knob will want this Jeep XJ interior modification. First and foremost, this is one of the Amazon’s Choice products. Thus, Amazon believes in this product and recommends it to customers. This brand new and never used shift knob is red for some extra style. This is not the cheap knob you find online that breaks in a week. Instead, customers can get a better shift knob that is much better for a fun driving experience.

A unique locking nut system is unlike any other shift knob on the market. The aircraft quality T-6061 Billet Aluminum is wrapped in Real Leather (see specs). Also, precision-machined crafting offers a firm and reliable feel as you grip the shift knob out on the open road. If you want a thrilling driving experience, then this is the Jee XJ interior mod for you.

10×1.5mm Thread Threaded 5 speed Shift Knob in RED ROUND Billet Aluminum for Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport 2 door 4 door 2dr 4dr 97 98 99 00 01 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

FH Group F11311 Red & Black Rubber Floor Mat – Heavy Duty Tall Channel (ASIN – B073H6CQFW)

As previously mentioned, the best Jeep XJ interior mods help provide enhanced style and some practical features. Thus, another floor mat graces our list to help provide customers with protection. The tall outer ridges work to keep fluids on the floor mat. That way, spilled drinks do not overflow from the mat and stain the carpet. Plus, the heavily nabbed backing firmly keeps the mat in place while on the move (see specs).

There is waterproof and stain-resistant material integrated into these floor mats. That way, they can stand up to the test of time. Mother Nature will no longer make your interior carpets dirty with this floor mat. So look no further if you want one of the most practical Jeep XJ interior mods today!

FH Group F11311RED Rubber Floor Mat(Heavy Duty Tall Channel, Red Full Set Trim to Fit)

So many Jeep lovers go above and beyond to customize and upgrade a Jeep XJ with the best Jeep XJ interior mods.
So many Jeep lovers go above and beyond to customize and upgrade a Jeep XJ with the best Jeep XJ interior mods.

Closing Words On Buying Jeep XJ Interior Mods

It is not easy getting the best interior modifications and accessories for a Jeep XJ Cherokee. As you can see, we managed to list nearly seven different types of products. Customers can choose from seat covers, pet travel protection, shift knobs, new steering wheels and steering wheel covers, and so much more. So decide what you want and then get the best product. That way, you can upgrade your XJ Cherokee with one of the best Jeep XJ interior mods. If your spouse is driving a wrangler, then be sure to check out this pink jeep accessories guide over at The Car Addict!