We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our web site. Our goal is to give you an interactive tour of our new and used inventory, as well as allow you to conveniently get a quote, schedule a service appointment, or apply for financing. The search for the perfect car, truck or SUV is filled with high expectations. Undoubtedly, that has a lot to do with the vehicles you are considering, but at Ultimate Rides, we think you should also have pretty high expectations for your dealership. At the end of the day, we are two brothers trying to make a difference in the auto industry. We provide the cleanest trucks in the midwest with top notch customer service.

 — Nick Bulanda, President of Ultimate Rides


In the Midwest trucks are a number one seller. Many owners only keep their current truck for 5 years and look to upgrade to something newer and better. New trucks are expensive. Locating clean rust free trucks can be very hard here in the midwest. The demand is high yet the supply is limited.

But Ultimate Rides is here to help.

Our inventory specialist travels to various spots where trucks are available and purchases only the best. We located the cleanest rust free vehicles from Texas and California. Trucks are then brought in from these “hot spots” and then modified to make sure they are true Ultimate Rides!

But we don’t just buy and sell trucks!

Ultimate Rides has plenty of cars and SUV’s available to choose from as well as one of our favorite vehicles, the Jeep Wrangler!!!


When purchasing a vehicle from Ultimate Rides, we aren’t going to beat you around the bush to put you into a vehicle we think you should be in. Our customers are confident individuals who know what they want when they see it. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and will be there to answer any questions you may have about the Ultimate Rides’ selection of vehicles.

We’re here for whatever you need

Saying our staff is simply knowledgeable is still underselling how great they truly are. If you have a question or concern for them and they are unable to give you a proper response, they will do everything in their power to get you in contact with someone who can help solve your problem. Our goal is to provide you with the best car buying experience possible and we do that by being resourceful and getting you all the information you want.

At Ultimate Rides you are going to have a different kind of car buying experience. Our vehicles are second to none, our staff is the best in the business, and our deals cannot be beat. Come to Ultimate Rides and get the car that you deserve, the customer service that you need, all for a price that you can afford. We have everything from the mean to the cheap, and they are all quality, and all ready for you to put them through their paces. Come to Ultimate Rides for your test drive today, and see the vehicles that you have always wanted.



Nick Bulanda

Sales and Finance Manager
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Sales and Recon
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Adam Singer

Buying Specialist
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Alex Bulanda

Sales and Finance
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Ultimate Rides consists of Nick Bulanda and his carefully built team who have been buying, building and selling vehicles for over fourteen years. Nick had a dream to buy, build and sell custom vehicles from rust free states. Build a business on a great reputation and always make sure customers are happy with their purchase. In the auto business that sometimes is hard to do, but year after year their business grew and five star reviews started to come in. He started his Ultimate Rides journey with his dad and two brother, who was a big part of building the business they have today. In 2016 Jake passed away and losing his brother was the hardest thing he ever had to deal with. Even though he had a tragic loss, he found employees who are like family. He plans to keep the vision and continue to set a new trend for the Chicagoland market. Keep customers number one and grow this business for their baby brother Jake.

 — Nick Bulanda, Founder of Ultimate Rides




Nick will continue to grow a good business for his brother Jacob, I miss you and love you Jake.

 — Nick, Jacob and Alex Bulanda