Best Seat Covers for F150 Trucks (Review & Buying Guide)

Best Seat Covers for F150 Trucks (Review & Buying Guide)

Best Seat Covers for F150
The Ford F150 is America’s most popular truck, and has been for a long time. If you want your interior to feel like home, a good set of seat covers can help do the job. They’ll also help protect your seats from damage, helping maintain your truck’s value over time.
Best Seat Covers for F150
Some seating materials, like leather, work better with some seat covers over others. Make sure to do some research to find the best seat covers for F150 trucks.

Choosing the Best Seat Covers for F150 Drivers

It’s common knowledge that as soon as you drive a vehicle off the lot, it’s value begins to depreciate. If you’d like to do what you can to preserve your Ford F150’s value, a seat cover is one of the things we’d recommend investing in. A good seat cover will keep your interior protected from spills, scratches and other damage. Plus, it can improve the look of your vehicle and cater it to your style at the same time. It’s all just a matter of picking out the right set of covers for your needs. There are tons of options to seek out.

At Ultimate Rides, we put together these buying guides to help our readers choose the best parts and accessories for their needs. Today, we’re going to recommend some of the best seat covers for F150 owners. Be sure to check the compatibility of each set cover to see if it matches up with your truck. Once that’s accounted for, it’s just a matter of choosing the cover that suits your needs and style!

We’ve included a list below that features our favorite seat covers available now for the F150. After that, you’ll have access to our buying guide. There we can provide our readers with a few more tips to help them out before they move on. With all of that in mind, good luck and happy shopping!

1. Aierxuan Waterproof Leather Seat Covers Full Set (ASIN – B08FM9XD2M)

Compatibility: 2009-2020 Ford F150 Crew Cab

Perhaps our favorite set of seat covers right now comes from manufacturer Aierxuan. These covers are made from genuine leather, which means they’re a steal for the current price. You’ll find comfortable padding as well as sleek leather together here for a seat cover that will both protect your F150 and may even improve the look. Installing these seat covers couldn’t be easier, and the entire process should just take a matter of minutes. Once they’re installed, you won’t have to remove them to clean. Instead, just wipe them off with some leather-sensitive cleaner and a wet towel. If quality is your main priority, we think these may be the best seat covers for F150. If you drive a crew cab truck, we highly recommend picking these up to protect your interior.

Aierxuan Seat Covers for Cars 2009-2020 Ford F-150 Truck Custom Fit 2017-2020 F250 F350 F450, Waterproof Leather Cushion for Cars SUV(Full Set, Black-Red)

2. LUCKYMAN CLUB Waterproof Faux Leather Seat Covers Full Set (ASIN – B083D92WGC)

Compatibility: 2015-2020 Ford F150 Crew Cab

If you prefer faux leather to the real deal (and that’s perfectly understandable), you may want to check out these seat covers from LUCKYMAN CLUB. They fit recent models of the F150 Crew Cab, and give the truck a stylish new look inside. These covers are both waterproof and quite comfortable to sit in, which are two of the key elements of a quality seat cover. It’s compatible with the airbag found inside the F150, and you’ll be able to get these covers installed in no time. All of your bases are covered here, from safety to comfort to protection. You could do much, much worse than these seat covers for inside your Ford F150.

LUCKYMAN CLUB Full Set Seat Covers fit for F150 Crew Cab from 2015 to 2020 and fit for F250 F350 F450 Crew Cab from 2017 to 2020 with Water Proof Faux Leather (Black Full Set)

3. FH Group Ultra Comfort Leatherette Front Seat Cushions w/ Black-Red Trim (ASIN – B074Z87DCG)

Compatibility: Universal

One of the most popular manufacturers of seat covers across the globe is FH Group. Their covers range in price and quality, and many of them are universally-sized. That includes this one, which should fit in most F150 models. These are pretty stylish, and offer a whole lot of protection for your vehicle interior. As always, installation is very simple, and won’t take any more than a few minutes. Once you get them on, you can count on these seat covers protecting your truck’s interior from spills and other types of damage. If you’re a fan of the style of these covers, we think you can confidently rely on them to protect your ride. Get a set today and don’t worry about it any longer!

FH Group Ultra Comfort Leatherette Front Seat Cushions (Airbag Compatible), Black Red Trim (PU205BLACKREDTRIM102)

4. Carhartt SSC3443CAGY SeatSaver Custom Fit Seat Covers (ASIN – B01MG7XX0K)

Compatibility: 2015-2020 Ford F150

Nobody knows high-quality durable material like Carhartt. If you want that same kind of protection inside your truck, you’ve got to go with this set of seat covers from the masters. Made from a durable duck-weave fabric, these covers will ensure your truck is kept pristine. They’re very easy to take on and off, and they’re machine washable. All of this can help you keep your truck far cleaner than it would be otherwise. The covers even accommodate the center console and cup holders! Over the years, Carhartt has built up a reliable reputation among those who know toughness. You can’t go wrong with these seat covers if you’re a fan of the Carhartt brand, so check them out today.

Carhartt SSC3443CAGY SeatSaver Front Row Custom Fit Seat Cover for Select Ford F-150 Models – Duck Weave (Gravel)

5. Covercraft SSC2412CAMB Mossy Oak SeatSaver Custom Fit Seat Covers (ASIN – B07CW3P217)

Compatibility: Universal on Ford F150

Our next seat covers are similar to the Carhartt style, but these are in camo. They’re great for hunters or those who love to spend time in the outdoors. Just like the Carhartt covers, these come on and off very easily, and you can wash them right in your own washing machine. They should fit on just about every Ford F150 model, and with them you’ll have a great degree of protection on your side. It’s an important step towards keeping your truck clean and worth as much money as possible. Whether you want to sell it down the line or not, it never hurts to have a nice clean truck! These camo seat covers offer protection and outdoor style all at once.

Covercraft SSC2412CAMB Carhartt Mossy Oak Camo SeatSaver Front Row Custom Fit Seat Cover for Select Ford Models – Duck Weave (Break-Up Country)

6. Aierxuan Faux Leather Front Seat Cover (ASIN – B08C26ZM2L)

Compatibility: 2009-2020 Ford F150 Crew Cab

If you were a fan of our first recommended product but only want a set of front seat covers, you’re in luck. That is what’s available right here! It’s a slightly different seat cover, as it’s made of faux leather instead of genuine stuff. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less stylish or effective. Importantly, these seat covers are still waterproof, and they’re easy to clean with a rag. That way you won’t have to take them off your seats every time you want to clean them. Other than that, these are much the same as the first Aierxuan product we shared with you. Pick it up for some true quality inside your vehicle today.

Aierxuan Car Seat Covers Front Set with Waterproof Leather, Automotive Vehicle Cushion Cover for Cars SUV Pick-up Truck Fit for 2009 to 2020 Ford F150 and 2017 to 2020 F250 F350 F450(Black)

7. CarsCover Custom Fit Neoprene Front Seat Covers (ASIN – B07GVSS4NL)

Compatibility: 2015-2018 Ford F150

If you’re searching for a set of seat covers that’s a little less heavy-duty but still offers some protection, neoprene is probably the material for you. It’s quite a common material for seat covers, and this option from CarsCover is a great example. These seat covers will work on a few model years of the F150, and only in the front. However, they offer plenty of defense against spills and scratches, and bring a new color to your vehicle interior. They’re UV-resistant in addition to water-resistant, and won’t be difficult for you to keep clean. Feel confident installing these covers in your vehicle soon.

CarsCover Custom Fit 2015-2018 Ford F150 F250 F350 Pickup Truck Neoprene Car Front Seat Covers Gray & Black Sides Driver & Passenger Cover

8. FH Group Neoprene Black Full Seat Cover Set (ASIN – B01HUTSJSI)

Compatibility: Universal – Not Recommended for Leather Seats

Lastly, we have another great set of seat covers from FH Group. These are among the best seat covers for F150, offering high-quality neoprene covers for the whole vehicle at a fantastic price. If your F150 doesn’t have leather seats, that is. If so, you may want to look elsewhere. These seat covers are available in a variety of different colors, so choose the one that suits your truck best. You can rely on these covers to offer comfort, protection and style for a price under $70. Good luck finding that anywhere else!

FH Group FB083BLACK115 Full Set Seat Cover (Neoprene Waterproof Airbag Compatible and Split Bench Black)

Best Seat Covers for F150
At Ultimate Rides, our vehicle interiors are incredibly clean. If you’d like to keep them that way, we recommend picking out a quality set of seat covers for your truck. Find the right option with our guide!
Best Seat Covers for F150
At Ultimate Rides, we know suspension. If you want to have your truck’s suspension altered, we are the place to take it. Let us tell you more about our team and what they can accomplish!

Best Seat Covers for F150 Buying Guide

We’ve now been able to show you some of our favorite selections. Were you able to find a set of seat covers that suits your vehicle? If not, we can still help you out with a few more tips. These tips still apply to the covers listed here, so keep them in mind!

First, it’s important to ensure the cover you are buying is suited to your vehicle. Some of the best seat covers for F150 are universal, and are made to fit on most trucks. Others, however, are only meant to fit a specific set of vehicles. Make sure you take this into account while you’re shopping.

Second, find the right balance between protection and style. If you’re very concerned about keeping your vehicle spotless, protection may take more importance in your mind. On the other hand, maybe you care more about your truck looking good. The answer is different for everyone, and it’s important for you to find a good balance.

Lastly, remember to always take your vehicle in for a steering alignment after altering the suspension in any way. If you don’t do this, there can be some major safety concerns down the road, literally and figuratively. Take your truck to a mechanic you can rely on. They’ll be able to look over your installation (if you decide to install at home) and get you an alignment.

Ultimate Rides Offers Installation and Repair Today

Speaking of mechanics that you can rely on, did you know Ultimate Rides has its own shop on-site? It’s true! We offer custom installation in addition to repairs and maintenance. If there’s a problem with your truck, or you want to upgrade it, the Ultimate Rides team is ready for you. Our staff is highly trained and ASE-certified, and above all we are passionate about trucks. We know that it can often be difficult to find a team of mechanics that are competent, reliable, quick and won’t overcharge you. That’s exactly what we have to offer at Ultimate Rides.

We’re fair, and confident in our abilities. While we sell vehicles here, we do a lot more than just that. If you would like to find out what else our lift center has to offer, we encourage you to give Ultimate Rides a call. You can speak to a member of our team over the phone today at 815-634-3900. If you want to stop by our office, you’ll find it at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416. Hopefully we see you around soon!

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